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According to the APIP the ECB Chair cannot be involved with any LC and MC during the term. This means the ECB Chair can have other roles as for example, GST or Global Boards, but not in LCs or MCs.

This is a criteria for full membership in AIESEC. If you don’t have a chair, your entity is not considered as a full member and does not have voting rights during ILMs (International Legislative Meetings).

This person is not considered as ECB Chair by the ICB team. He/she cannot sign Offical Case Applications (OCA) neither the ECB Establishment Letter. ICB can include this person in education cycles and official communication channels however, it is not considered eligible to be an ECB Chair. If any case and final decision is needed for that entity, the final responsible will be the MC Responsible for the role.

Yes, they can, except MC and other ECB roles. An ECB member cannot be MC at the same time, neither be ECB member in two or more different entities.

Ideally for 12 months however, APIP allows the role to be for one semester (6 months).

For 1 year roles: 
– Applications must be out around june. 
– The chair should be elected until 1st July. 
– The chair should start the role on 1st August.
– The chair should end the term on 31st July.

For 6 months:
– Applications must be out around june/december.
– The chair should be elected until 1st june/1st january.
– The chair should start the role on 1st August/1st February.
– The chair should end the term on 31st July/31st January.

For the management team you need to have one of the above:
– ECB Chair experience.
– MC experience.
– Global Board membership experience.
(*) The management team is a fulltime position, you cannot have other roles in AIESEC while part of the team.

For the membership:
– You need at least 1 year of exprience in AIESEC, in any role. 
– For Audit and CS members: you cannot have current ECB roles.

For ICB, only the management team positions are paied. All members are volunteers. 

For ECB, depends on each entity. There are entities who pays the ECB Chair and members, others just pay the Chairs and other entities just offer volunteer positions.

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