The ICB Website is a page designed to support AIESEC members and any stakeholder directly or indirectly involved with an AIESEC exchange.

"The purpose of ICB is to support the governance of the AIESEC Portfolio and ensure customer centricity, by guaranteeing operational and ethical compliance in every AIESEC activity."
ICB Chair

Our structure

Audit & Compliance

This area is in charge of performing internal audits (virtually/physically) - As well as supporting the entities in the implementation of the audit process on a National level. Identify patterns, extraordinary occurrences and behaviors to further report and/or investigate also, promote prevention processes to identify and detach emerging risks.

Board Development

BD area is the main responsible for ensuring all entities have an ECB team and an MC responsible for the role. This area is also in charge of the education of all ECBs, analyzing and updating the ECB Development Index as well as deliverying conferences and or summits.

Customer Support

CS area is the one responsible for AEPP Violation Tickets Management and consultancies, through Zendesk (our support platform). Also, to conduct needed statics/reports about qualitative or quantitative matters of tickets received, generating reports (Voice of The Customer - VoC) & educating the network towards how to deal with customers based on the complaints received.

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