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This page contains relevant materials for an ECB team to perform in terms of customer support. Please, pay attention to the guidelines for ICB – ECB process, they are extremely important!

eCB Cases Tracker

Spreadsheet template to track cases in all levels.

Break Status Guide

Guideline to request break status for ICB.

Finish RE Earlier Guide

Guideline to request finish RE earlier for ICB.

Extension Requests Guide

Guideline to request FI extensions for ICB.

Consultancy Guide

Guideline to submit a consultancy for ICB.

Help Center

Articles and FAQs to support your EPs and OPs.

Apology Letter

Template for an apology letter, if needed.

OCA Template

Official Case Application template.

OCA Appeal Template

Official Case Application Appeal template.

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Every APIP consultancy and or request related to change status of your EPs must be sent to Please, avoid sending questions through other channels. If you use the fields of this website, we will receive it in the correct e-mail 🙂

If you don’t follow the guidelines we created there is a high possibility for your request to be denyed. Please, pay attention to the formas we ask you to provide us the information, the CS team deals with a lot of information that depends on details!

ICB is responsible to change status from RE to Break RE, FI to Break RE and extend the FI date. You can find the reasons to request a change of status inside the APIP, section 9 – Exchange Program Policies. 

Disclaimer: MCs and ECBs are the responsibles to proceed with Approval Breaks (with mutual agreement ICX/OGX), no need ICB confirmation for this.

1st: LC-LC phase. It is expected the local committees to discuss directly with the EP to find a solution for the issue that might be happening. This phase should last a maximum of 3 days. 

2nd: ECB-ECB phase. It is expected the ECBs to evaluate the situation and find a solution based on the APIP. This phase should last a maximum of 7 days. 

3rd: ICB phase. The ECBs can request ICB to evaluate the case as a last level of decision making. Once the issue is raised to ICB, it is expected to have a solution in a maximum of 10 days.

If an entity has a case that involves financial compensation, the timeline of payment will depend on how the situation was handled. 

LC-LC and ECB-ECB level: for these levels, the payment plan is flexible and should be agreed upon parts. 

ICB level: the entity responsible to proceed with the payment must execute 50% of the total amount in 6 months and 100% of it in a total of 12 months. If the financial compensation is not paied after 12 months by the entity, the money will be automatically transfered for the EP in an international level.

LC-LC and ECB level: the final amount can be an agreement upon parties but it is higly recommended to take into consideration the Compensation Table, an Annex of the AEPP. 

ICB level: the total amount will be fully based on what is written in the Compensation Table, an Annex of the AEPP. 

If you have more questions for the Customer Support team, feel free to request a consultancy!

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