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    The best ideas come from collaboration. But usually it’s hard to collaborate.
    Working through the Internet, people can solve that problem.
    The watch together app lets you collaborate in real time. You can write or websites like rabb.it draw or play together. You can work on a problem together or watch something together.”

    If you work alone, you tend to focus on your own work. But even if you work alone, you keep running into other people’s ideas.
    Some of their ideas turn out to be useful; some of not. But if you’re lucky, you find some idea (a trick, a technique) that turns out to be useful and that other people repeat.
    If you work with other people, sometimes you run into an idea they think is ingenious, but which turns out to be a dead end.
    In either case, you don’t learn as much as you could.
    If you work alone, even the good ideas that turn out to be a dead end are a dead end for you. But if you work with other people, you tend to learn from the good ideas as well as the bad ones.
    Collaboration is hard because it requires trust. Trusting that the other person has a good idea, or that they won’t steal it, or that they won’t cheat you.
    But trust comes more easily in virtual collaboration, because you can see the other person’s face.
    The watch together app is a prototype of a collaboration tool based on virtual collaboration.
    The app lets you do several things:
    1. You can collaborate in real time. You can write or draw or play together.
    2. You can work on a problem together or watch something together.
    3. You can send messages back and forth.
    4. You can schedule meetings

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